Custom workflows. Shorten the recruitment process with your own custom built processing steps from screening, shortlisting, interviews, psychometric tests, offer and final hire.

Website Integration. Once the job is entered to Caliber it is seamlessly visible on your company website with no uploading required. Jobs Boards are posted to at the click of a button and all jobs have a unique short URL for publishing anywhere on the internet.

Automated Responses. Caliber was designed to automate as many processes as possible so the recruiter has the least amount to do. All workflow processes will automatically produce a response email notification to all stakeholders whether they are a candidate, interviewer, HR manager or agency.

Real-Time Job Applications. All job applications from the company website, Jobs Boards or social media are delivered directly to Caliber in real-time. This means the whole team have visibility of live candidates as they apply for jobs.

Business Intelligence. Caliber has many standard reports which are available at the click of a button but we offer custom reports free-of-charge as part of our standard user licence. Just ask!

Caliber is built for the Web with a unique application architecture that ensures your data is secure and delivered quickly to your browser. The 4 main browsers are supported:- IE, Chrome, Firefox and Safari.